Old Licking County Jail - Ohio

Old Licking County Jail - Ohio

Apr 24, 2017

At the point when awful individuals do awful things, they end up in a place that contains them from consistently sharing in such frightful exercises until kingdom come. Yet, could the things that these individuals are doing be horrific to the point that their spirits are completely unfit to rest in harmony? When you visit the Old Licking County Jail, you'll frequently ponder what it is that happened to these tormented spirits that make them frequent the cells and lobbies of the jail they were once kept in. Surmise that you're bold enough to endure a voyage through one of Ohio's most spooky attractions? Take shortly progressively about the area and see with your own eyes if this story is one that you're sufficiently valiant to encounter without anyone else.


While this is a prison that we're discussing, it looks a long way from that. The building has subtleties that are found in probably the most excellent palaces and an establishment and styling that is strong and durable. There are four full floors of cells, holding the two people. The people that were put into this jail were a portion of Newark's most exceedingly awful offenders. There are a few spirits that still wait in these structures, and a couple of people that worked there before have distinguished a couple of spirits that they associated with.

Worked in 1889, this correctional facility had a lot of detainees that served life sentences, and many detainees that passed on while in jail. While not every one of them has been accepted to in any case frequent the working, there are a couple of surely understood names that were kept in this jail, numerous that were known for horrendous violations. A portion of the ones that have been noted are:

Sam Bucklew who kicked the bucket in 1907

Lous Trunnel who passed on in 1916

Albert Miller who kicked the bucket in 1932

Walter B. Robertson who kicked the bucket in 1935

Charles Hill who kicked the bucket in 1949

James H. Shaner who kicked the bucket in 1955

While there were more detainees that kicked the bucket, there were a couple of officers that likewise passed on while living at the correctional facility. An aggregate of three Licking County Sheriff's passed on:

Ross Embry passed on in 1934

Albert Roe Francis passed on in 1949

William McElroy passed on in 1962

The passings of a portion of the sheriffs were flawed, particularly since they were totally surprised and the officers were all so staggeringly youthful. These are one of the puzzles that individuals find so faulty and think about whether it is attached to a paranormal soul or vitality of the building.

As a group of expert phantom seekers and paranormal pilgrims, we have seen a lot, and with regards to the historical backdrop of areas we find out about sports and the dread that occurred inside them. In the Old Licking County Jail, we were overwhelmed by various odd events, irregular passings and ghastly things that occurred in this building. So as to get a handle on some of what stays frequenting this building, you should initially comprehend what has happened to a portion of the detainees.


The Old Licking County Jail was home to the absolute most frightening and barbarous detainees in the territory. A portion of the most noticeably bad individuals that you will catch wind of when you visit the Old Licking County Jail are
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